1st Grade

Hello students and parents,

We understand the challenges of managing on-line remote learning along with your other responsibilities, as well as now being your child's teacher. Therefore, these lessons that will be posted will be optional. The lessons that are titled Try This First are Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence related lessons. We will also post Other Activities which will be links to other sites for creative development and extra enrichment. Thank you for your patience as we navigate remote learning and teaching together. Happy Creating!

Try this first: November 16-29, 2020

Graitude+Feathers-1st-3rd grades.pdf

Gratitude & Feathers

Combining art and gratitude with feathers.

other activities: November 16-29, 2020

Watercolor+Cornucopia Grades 1st-3rd.pdf

a Thanksgivng Harvest

Using supplies you have at home.

WEEK OF May 16th


3 Dimensional Paper Strip Art

Use paper to create strips and then make into fun shapes.

WEEK OF May 11th


Junk Mail Birdhouse Collage

For the project this week, you will create a paper art collage using only paper, junk mail, scissors and glue. Use your imagination with colors an patterns to make a birdhouse and a bird out of any kind of papers you can find. Use your imagination and have fun. Please email me your finsihed art.

Fun--WEEK OF May 11th

Pusheen Kittens

Pusheen Kittens

Use your imagination to draw and color these fun cats.


Color Wheel

Watch this video


Mother's Day idea : WEEK OF May 4th

Flower Bouquet for Mom

For a fun Mother Day's gift, try creating a bouquet of flowers. You can draw or paint them like Pablo Picasso's art on the left. Trace your hands first on the paper and then add the stems through your fingers. You could also make paper flowers on a colored piece of paper. Add a sweet message telling mom how much you appreciate her and what a great teacher she has been for you also. Have fun!!

TRY THIS : WEEK OF April 27th

Still Life

Learn from Cezzanne


Click Here For Lesson

You may use whatever art supplies you have at home.

TRY THIS : WEEK OF April 20th-Earth Day

Make a Sun

Let's make a happy sun to celebrate our fabulous world on Earth Day.

Sun Collage Lesson.pdf

Earth Day Lesson

You may use whatever art supplies you have at home.


Earth Day Coloring Sheets

Here are some fun sheets if you have extra time.

TRY THIS: WEEK OF April 13th

Monet Impressionism Art Project

Monet 1st.pdf

Click here to get directions.

1st grade Monet.pptx

Art History

Scroll through the slides to learn about Claude Monet.


Let's Paint Some Rocks and Spread Love


Watch this first

The Kindness Rocks Project

The Kindness Rocks Project

Learn More