1st Grade

2018-19 Overview of Art:

  • Elements of Art
  • Color: primary and secondary
  • Line
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Portraits and Still life
  • Looking at and talking about works of art

1st Semester Projects

There's Only One You- decorate fish with lines and patterns to represent their personalities.

Turtles-Line and patterns

Metallic Robots

Dot Day- Traced circles and painted with circles

Square 1 art project for fundraiser- Using oil pastels, we drew and colored unique lions by creating lines and patterns.

After visiting Miller Farms, we create Scarecrows using patterned papers and collage. The background was made using individual farm crops with oil pastels and watercolors.

Read the book "The Snurtch" and created our own snurtch monsters.

Created fish pottery with a slab of clay and decorated and glazed them.

Pumpkins were made with emphasis on mixing colors and blending.

Veteran's Day Thank you Flags with tempera paint.

Holiday Mittens-cool paint colors were used in the background and mittens were created by collaging warm color tissue papers into the shape of a mitten.


2nd Semester projects