Grading Policy

All students are required to do their best work and complete all art projects: unless there are consecutive absences.


Students will be assessed and given marks in the following areas:

  • Overall proficiency in art
  • Listening skills
  • Following directions
  • Behavior

No letter grades will be given.

A check means that they have met the standard, a minus means that they are below standards and a plus means that they have exceeded the standard for their grade level. Overall proficiency in art will be assessed using numbers, 1,2,3. Students are expected to reach 3 by the last trimester.

I will make these marks on the back of their art projects and/ or rubric that will be sent home with the project.


DCSD has written new standards for art. We will follow these standards with every lesson that we teach. They are listed below in simpler terms.

Standard 1- Observe and Learn to Comprehend

Standard 2- Invent and Discover to Create

Standard 3- Envision and Critique to Reflect

Standard 4- Relate to Community/World