2nd Grade

Overview of Art 2018-19

  • Elements of Art
  • Sculpture
  • Landscapes
  • Abstract Art
  • Architecture
  • Looking at and talking about works of art

1st Semester Projects

There's Only One You- Fish created with lines and patterns to represent their personalities.

Dot Day- Created unique Circle art after reading "The Dot" book. Discussed how a line starts with a dot.

Square 1 art project for fundraiser- Laurel Birch line inspired Cats.

Learn about warm and cool colors by creating a warm colored sun and cool colored moon.

Using warm and cool colors, draw and painted leaves.

Read the book "The Snurtch" and create our own monsters.

Study the artist Vincent Van Gogh and paint our own landscape, "Starry Night" in the pumpkin patch.

Draw and painted Van Gogh's Still Life "Sunflowers" portrait.

Holiday Penguins

2nd Semester Projects