3rd Grade

Overview of Art

2018-19 Overview of Art

Elements of Art: color, line, shape, texture, value, form and space

  • How and why artists use light in their art
  • Space in art
  • How design elements work together in art
  • American Indian Art
  • Art of Ancient Rome

1st Quarter Projects

There's Only One You-Fish decorated with lines and patterns to represent their personalities.

Dot Day- Created art using circles and dots only, after reading "The Dot".

Square 1 art project for fundraiser- Peacocks using line, color and pattern.

Designed, drew and painted our own personal Robots.

Studied the art of Edvard Munch and created our own "Scream", based on what makes you want to scream. Used oil pastels and learned techniques to blend color. An art critique was also done on another artist's piece of art.

Gratitude feathers

Roman art and mosaic art were discussed and then students create their own paper mosaic art project.

Holiday Snowmen- with an emphasis on shading techniques to create depth and dimension in art.