2018-19 Overview of Art:

Elements of Art:

  • Warm and cool colors
  • Line
  • Sculpture
  • Looking at and talking about works of art

Semester 1 Projects

There's Only One You... Each student designed and created a unique fish that represents their personality.

Turtles- Using lines and pattern

Flowers-Using color, line & pattern

Dot Day- Traced circles and painted with q-tips to make circle shapes.

Square 1 art project for fundraiser- Turned our handprints into fish and painted the sea.

Guided drawing of Happy Birds using oil pastels and then painted with watercolors.

Read the book "The Snurtch" and create our own snurtch monsters.

Create pinch pot pottery with clay and glaze.

Traced, cut out and created Black Crows on a watercolor background.

Painted corn kernels to make Thankful Harvest Corn.

Learned the difference of warm colors by making a sunset background with paints and cool colors for collage trees.

Guided drawing of festive reindeers. Painted with tempera paint.

Semester 2 Projects