To Sign-up to Volunteer: Click Here

What to expect as a volunteer in the art room:

You will be asked to assist in distributing materials, preparing materials and putting up bulletin boards.

Please avoid bringing in other children. This is a distraction for the students and to you as a volunteer. On that same note, sometimes I will have two volunteers for one class and often times this lends itself to having conversations when we really need your help.

As a volunteer, you will be asked to have respect for each child and keep your opinions and observations confidential. Please fill out a volunteer agreement form as requested by the district.

Volunteers should not take it upon themselves to discipline a child. Volunteers often see situations that arise before the teacher notices. Please let us know what you observed. We will handle it right away.

**Please know that you are valued as a volunteer. Often times we will do a certain project because we know that we will have extra hands to help me. Please call the school if you cannot make it in to help out. **

Procedures for Volunteers :

What you should do if you are scheduled to volunteer and you know in advance that you can't make it:

Please delete your assignment on Sign Up Genius so others can sign up to help.

What you should do if it is the morning of the day you are to volunteer and you can't make it:

Try to find your replacement or call the school and leave me a message stating that you can't make it and couldn't find a replacement. No phone call needed if you found someone to come in for you.

Please avoid signing up for the same class multiple weeks in a row. It is respectful to allow other parents the opportunity to help in their child's class. If hours are needed, you are always welcome to sign up for other classes that your child may not be in.